Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bedtime shenanigans

me: um, why aren't you in your pajamas? please put your pajamas back on. it is time for bed.

captain adventure: (sad face, head down) i can't. they wet.

me: what do you mean they're wet?!

CA: i pee peed in them.

me: how is that possible? you were awake. where did this happen?

CA: in va bafwoom.

me: (after checking the bathroom...the floor was wet, his clothes were wet, and the stool that he does not use for any reason was wet) CA, what is the problem? why did you wet your pants? i don't think this was an accident. was this an accident?

CA: yes.

me: you don't get in trouble for accidents. everyone has accidents. i don't think this was an accident. you thought you had a pull-up on, didn't you? and that is why you went pee pee in your pants. is that what happened?

CA: yes. i faught i had a pull-up on.

me: when you are awake, you go pee pee in the toilet. pee pee in pull-ups is for sleeping only. do you understand?

CA: yes mama. (followed by lots and lots of tears)

me: i love you CA.

CA: i love you too mama.