Sunday, April 27, 2008

taking appointments for hair cuts

so, we were sitting at the table eating dinner the other night and i was in mid-sentence when i noticed a problem...

(with shock in my voice) ME: um, little mother hen, did you cut your hair?

(with surprise and a straight face) LMH: no. is it cut?

ME: uh, really? you have no idea that your hair is cut? is that the story you're going to stick to?

LMH: yes, mama....(long pause), actually, i forgot, i did cut it.

ME: where? when? how did this happen?

LMH: (giggling) oh. i forgot. i did it while mrs. teacher was in the office.

ME: so you did it at school?

LMH: no.

ME: someone else cut your hair?

LMH: (tears in her eyes) no. (l...o...n...g...pause...) oh wait. i was confused. it wasn't at school. it was upstairs.

ME: where did you get the scissors? when did you do this?

* this conversation continued like this for several more took a while, but she finally admitted that she cut it so she could see what it would look like short and so that her "hair cut girl" would know where to cut. interesting.
soooo, if anyone needs a cut, let me know and we'll get you scheduled with little mother hen. she's quite creative.


aunt sara said...

Amazing. I tried to give her that whole "now that you've cut your hair we can't do fun things with it anymore" bit, but she really didn't seem to give a rip. Did she really say, " it cut?"

I'm Not Your Mom said...

um, yes, she really did say, " it cut?" i'm not kidding. ask your mom. she was there. it was so ridiculous.

Crista said...

I'm actually looking for a new hair stylist. Does she have a book of past hair cuts I could see? I bet she's very cutting edge!