Thursday, April 24, 2008

just one reason among many

yesterday afternoon hubby came home from work early. he and a few guys from work are having a chili & salsa cook-off in a few days and he had deemed yesterday as the day to put it all together. but i digress...when he got home, he called the older two into the kitchen and explained what he needed to do and asked for their help. they were sooooo excited! they all wore chef hats and the kids helped hubby make everything. captain adventure would last for about half an hour then go play by himself for a while and come back. little mother hen hung in for the whole afternoon. she and hubby really had a nice time with each other just visiting and cooking. she even tasted the salsa and one of hot peppers. good for her!
this is just one of the many reasons that i love my husband. he took something that was so simple and made it an event for our kids. cool.