Saturday, April 12, 2008


October 4, 2007
after being in my sick bed all week (since sunday) we’re now living in the midst of the packerton dump. but, i digress. today after spending the better part of 3 days in bed, i drug my ass out of bed. i waded through the dirty laundry on our bedroom floor, stepped on and crushed approximately 37 cheerios on the kitchen floor, then climbed over the pile of toys and blankets on the living room floor to get to the couch…where i sat my sick ass down to rest (it was a long walk from the bedroom!). just as i sat down, i hear a muffled voice yelling to me from the bathroom, “mahmmm! come wight now. i need your help wight now.” so, back over the pile of toys and blankets, across the kitchen floor (where something was really squishy) and into the bathroom. there i saw captain adventure, standing over the toilet…wearing nothing but his orange “monkey see, monkey do, monkey get in trouble too” t-shirt (he thinks he needs to be at LEAST 1/2 naked to use the toilet)…with a scared, sad, pathetic look on his face, he looks at the toilet then looks at me and said, “see, VAT, is the pwobwem. it’s a pwobwem. yeah.” the problem he was referring to is the fact that the little shield that attaches to the front of his potty seat had come off and fallen into the toilet and was now sitting quietly at the bottom of the toilet…next to his poop.
yeah, i’d say that’s a pwobwem. good thing mama keeps giant rubber gloves around for just such an occasion.