Saturday, April 12, 2008

it's a sad day

recently, when i went to read one of my usual blogs, i found that the author has taken a break from blogging. i admire her, really. she has made some really difficult decisions lately...she and her husband have decided to homeschool their children. because of this decision, she felt it best to stop blogging for the time being and focus on preparing to homeschool. i enjoyed reading her because she seems like me and i felt validated...pretty normal (whatever that is), married to an amazing man, she has three kids, likes to blog, very crafty, addicted to taking pictures, sometimes puts her foot in her mouth...but always has good intentions. she blogs about everyday life...things i can relate to...the trials of being a SAH mom, trying to balance everyday life, being married, and lots of other things. she is open-minded. she is a strong woman. and she always had links to other good blogs and such. i guess that everyone needs a break now and then. she is putting her family first. and, although i have never met her, i wouldn't expect anything less.