Thursday, May 1, 2008

bedtime shenanigans take 2

me: (standing in the bathroom waiting for captain adventure to come take a bath) CA, please come here and go potty.

CA: i alweddy did.

me: um, where did you go potty? i'm in the bathroom and you haven't been in here.

CA: (silence)

me: CA? is there a problem?

CA: i go potty in my room.

me: where?

CA: behind the door.

(this conversation was followed by yet another conversation about where big boys do and do not go pee pee.)


and since i have your attention, here's another captain adventure story...

little mother hen: mahm! come quick! CA is being unsafe!

me: (running up stairs) what's wrong?!

LMH: CA was standing in the sink.

me: (i'm sorry, what?!) CA! were you standing in the sink?

CA: (big wide eyes) yes mama.

me: (l-o-n-g lecture about being safe, the need for CA to stop acting like a monkey/animal and start acting like a little boy, etc...)

seriously?! i can't believe the things he does. i don't even know what to say sometimes. other people who i tell stories about CA to tell me that boys are just like this. you have got to be kidding me. they really have no common sense. i just don't get it.