Thursday, February 26, 2009

dear sir

no, not you. you. the grumpy middle-aged man working at the car wash on 15 north...the one by dairy queen...the one that rhymes with poopermatic. well, this morning, my two year old and i ventured out to clean my van. i usually patronize your car wash because it is a wide open parking lot and there is plenty of traffic in, out, and around (i'm a safety girl). anyway, i know that i filled up your trash can (it had been a reeeaaaly long time since i'd cleaned out my van)...and i know that we spent quite a long time at the vacuum (i used it for two full cycles), but i do not know is what i could possibly have done to warrant you glaring at me and screaming profanities.

when we arrived, there were a few other cars was using another vacuum and one or two were using the car wash bays.

after i was finished vacuuming my van, i got back inside to re-organize and noticed that you were walking around the parking lot picking up trash from the ground. as you approached my van, i could hear you grumbling and saying something, but i couldn't hear what you were saying. after a few more minutes, we were ready to leave and as i was pulling away, i could hear you yelling...i could feel your eyes on me...i carefully looked back and saw that you were glaring at me and yelling at me...i rolled the window down a little and i could hear you screaming profanities at me. i don't know exactly everything you were saying, but it was evident that you were angry about something.

if you were angry because i filled the trash can, i apologize, but what is it there for? i paid to use your vacuum. twice. and it isn't like i brought trash from home...i merely cleaned out my van. possibly i misunderstand what a car wash, vacuums, and trash cans are for. for that i also apologize.

if you are angry because i didn't use your wash bays, i will again have to apologize. however, i make it a habit not to take our two year old through car washes, as he is terribly afraid of them and screams bloody murder the entire time. i usually reserve the actual washing for our older two...they think it is a fun treat.

your behavior was aggressive and a little scary. i'm glad it was during the day so i could see you.

anywho, in conclusion, i super double top secret probation apologize for driving across town to use your trash cans and pay to use your vacuums at your CARWASH to clean out my van. it will never happen again. i promise.