Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shift your focus

i think that on some days it is very easy for me to become caught up in my own little world. i mean, really, there are a lot of things going on around here...several major projects and also the day-to-day tasks...and it all requires planning, time, thought, and yes, unfortunately action. some days (like yesterday) i'm not sure that any of it will ever get done. yesterday i felt like i was chasing my tail. for every task that i completed, two more took it's place. truth be told, i had a pity party for myself that lasted for the better part of the afternoon. in fact, hubby made me a delicious margarita as my party beverage. he even went back out to the store to buy sweet & sour since the kind i bought tasted like toilets. when i told him not to bother, he looked me in the eye and said, "please, let me do this. i want to do this for you. i know you've been thinking about this all day." that is the moment i realized that i needed to change my attitude. while i was busy throwing a baby fit about all of the things that i ended up having to do that i hadn't planned on doing, he managed to keep all three kids fed, taken care of, safe, and occupied. he did his best. did i do mine?

i think i did my best in the morning...i had the day all planned out in my head...then came a phone call that threw a kink in my day. instead of meeting the task with my best foot forward, i started thinking about all of the other things that i had to do that i wouldn't be able to do because of the phone call. i got caught up in how i was being affected by things. but, guess what...it isn't about me. not at all. not even for one minute. i needed to look at the big picture instead of what was right in front of me. sometimes you have to shift your focus.


Scott said...
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Crista said...

I wish I could anonymously send this to one of my co-workers. She is planning a double b-day party for 2 friends. Other people helping plan it were telling her that they had other ideas and she is insisting that they stick with her plan because A)she doesn't want to drive, B)she wants to go out dancing, and C) she can't be ready until 8pm, and D)she doesn't want to have to go home before at least 1am. Her main complaint was that other people couldn't see that is wasn't about them. LOL... Well no, it is obviously all about her (even though it is supposed to be honoring 2 other people)

I'm Not Your Mom said...

c- even if you did sent it to her, she might not realize that you were sending a subliminal message. this is one of those things that people need to figure out on their own.