Saturday, April 12, 2008

don't forget to live in the moment

things i will never get tired of (in no particular order)

1. watching and listening as our kids are placed into position and the famous "stretch tickle" is performed by my husband...i think they pee their pants sometimes

2. real butter

3. eating a hot meal from beginning to end without having to rewarm it...again...and again

4. our kids' infectious laughter

5. adult conversation uninterrupted by kid conversation

6. people who wipe AND flush without having to be reminded

7. the way our kids ask for "daddy and me days"

8. watching my husband watch me

9. my dad dirty dogging himself without knowing it

10. friends who feel like family

11. holding hands with my husband

12. "i love you mama"

13. the smell of grandma jingly keys' oatmeal cookies baking in the oven

14. being present the exact moment in time that our kids master a task

15. the look on captain adventure's face when he is honest-to-goodness, every-bone-in-his-body excited about something

16. the way little mother hen takes care of her younger brothers

17. sitting on the beach, feeling my feet covered by sand, listening to the waves crash on the shore

18. telling our kids the stories of their lives

19. letting our kids experience the same simple joys that i did as a child

20. popcorn parties

21. fresh strawberries

22. watching sammysosa "tika tika tika" himself and giggle

23. reliving childhood moments with family and friends

24. big brother (i know, i know...but i just can't stop watching it!)

25. this


Crista said...

LMAO at Dramatic Gopher.

aunt sara said...

Those are quite sweet. Moms have crazy lives and I think its good that you can focus on those things instead of the (countless) ones that will make you pull your hair out. Personally, I never get tired of hearing Captain Adventure say, "I love you Aunt Sawa" or Little Mother Hen telling a joke I taught her, or the way Sammysosa interacts with me when he get warmed up.