Friday, April 18, 2008

three things

1. three things that scare me: dying before my kids get to know me, the devil, giant spiders

2. three people who make me laugh: my kids, my husband, adam sandler (ok, so that's 5)

3. three things i love: chocolate, scrapbooking, photography

4. three things i hate: lies, manipulation, whining

5. three things on my desk: pictures of our kids, paper clips, scissors

6. three things i'm doing right now: watching BB9, writing this post, talking to my mom

7. three things i want to do before i die: finish scrapbooking for our kids, travel with my family, learn how to enjoy the moment (on a regular basis)

8. three things i can do: bake grandma jingly keys' oatmeal cookies like she used to, organize a kitchen, CPR

9. three ways to describe my personality: mother-hennish, thoughtful, strong