Friday, June 6, 2008

be the change

sometimes you have to get off of your pissy pot and decide that you're not going to keep complaining like a broken record. it isn't enough to just keep talking and complaining about something. take that energy, harness it, and focus it on something making a change.

it is soooo easy to just keep complaining, though, isn't it? sometimes it's fun...when we get together and complain about the same event or person. but the truth is, nothing productive is coming of it. nothing changes. the really difficult work comes with changing...a attitude. it is hard to change. and sometimes it's changing jobs or friends or houses. but, complaining just eats away at our spirit and our soul.

so, i'm going to make a better effort to be the change that i want to see. instead of sitting on the sidelines complaining at every turn, i'm going to get in the game and start being more pro-active, instead of reactive.

be the change. be the change. be the change. (that's my new mantra)