Tuesday, June 10, 2008

things i will always do

i will always

  • love my children and husband

  • be faithful to my husband

  • be thankful for what God has provided for us

  • be grateful for the men and women who sacrifice so much to serve our country in the military

  • love cheese toasties and tomato soup

  • love to take lots and lots of pictures

  • be afraid of the boogey man

  • want to tell our kids stories about their family history

  • try my best

  • hate whining

  • second-guess myself

  • think my mom is the wisest person i know
  • love a good cup of coffee with friends

  • wish i was more patient

  • love to have girl time

  • be thankful for my family and the people who are in it


Crista said...

I second your mother is one of the wisest people I know!

aunt sara said...

Very nice list.