Saturday, June 7, 2008

dear little mother hen

i cannot believe that it has been almost seven years since we first met. you have grown in so many ways since that night. (for one thing, you don't take baths in momo's kitchen sink anymore.) your dad and i have been with you for every major (and minor) accomplishment in your life...including graduation from kindergarten last week. you are officially a first grader! what?!

you have become such a sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, kind young lady. i am so proud of your hard school, at home, in life in general. you worked hard in school this're reading at an almost second grade level! your writing is much neater...and it is becoming more creative. you are a great helper to me...with your brothers, with grandma jingly keys, with cooking -- you love to help cook. you are thoughtful. you love to leave love notes.

i just can't even begin to know where the past seven years have gone. i can't believe we have a first grader in our family! you're such a big girl now. i look forward to continuing with you on your life's journey...getting to know each other better and in different ways...watching you grow up and learn about life...seeing you accomplish your own goals. you are an amazing girl!

i love you,