Friday, June 13, 2008

we should all be so lucky

my BFF and i went to see sex & the city (the movie) recently.

E and i have been friends since preschool when i was the president of the tall club and wouldn't let her behind the piano with me and the other two members of the tall club because she wasn't tall enough. (she still brings this up on a regular basis.) we have been through it all with each other...the ups and downs, the crappy boyfriends, the good boyfriends...middle school crap...high school crap...we even went through a period of time when we didn't speak in college. she was there wedding and the births of our children. she's been there for every major (and most of the minor) cries of my life. she has also been there for every major (and most of the minor) celebrations of my life.

she was the perfect companion for this movie.

i never watched SATC when it was on HBO...i never had HBO. i only watched it once it became syndicated. but, i liked it. i liked it partly because of the drama...the love...the vicariously through fictitious people...but i really liked it because of something that i never heard them talk about.

the show and the movie are about way more than new york and sex and fashion and four single women on the prowl. they're about four women who have been together as friends for (in the movie) twenty years...women who have been there, been present, for every major and minor (good or bad) event in the lives of the other three...women who have loved...been there for...maybe not always agreed with...but still fully and unconditionally supported each other.

they are all strong and amazing in their own way. separately they might waiver, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. they are fiercely loyal. there is no question of that...just watch the movie if you don't believe me.

the point is, don't you want friends like that? friends who will come to your side without hesitation, even you are currently arguing with each other? friends who drop whatever they are doing to come be with you because they know that's what you need right now...even if you never would have asked them to do that for you? friends who hear in your voice what you can't get out in words?

that's who i want by my side on this journey...people who i can count on...people who are not wishy-washy or fair-weathered. because anyone can be a good friend on the good days. and who needs friends who are only there to share the rainbows and sprinkles?

not me, my friends. not me.


Crista said...

Here's to good girlfriends! (((clinking my martini to yours)))