Monday, June 9, 2008

thank you

to mr. husband in honor of father's day...

thank you every day for going to a job that tries to suck your soul and spirit out of your body.

thank you for not letting your job be who you are.

thank you for encouraging me to get away on your days off...even when i know you would really love to be the one who has down time.

thank you for calling to check on me and ask me how my day is going, almost every day.

thank you for making me mix tapes with songs that remind you of me and us...too cute and very romantic.

thank you for always encouraging me to try new things when we go to new places...and thank you for accepting that i'm not always brave enough to try them like you do.

thank you for being my friend.

thank you for working so hard for your family. our kids may not understand now, but they will.

thank you for being such an amazing find interesting and fun ways to engage our children...they love it and so do i.

thank you for always accepting me just as i always have.

i hope you have a very happy father's day.

mrs. wife