Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"i will be making no decisions tonight"

did you watch hillary's non-concession speech?

well, i did...mostly to see how she explains to her constituants how they wasted their money donating to her campaign.

but, i digress...the point is...if you didn't watch it, find it on the internet and watch it. pay no attention to hillary, but watch the freak in the striped orange and yellow shirt behind her. watch his facial expressions...his nodding...his pointing. it's quite entertaining.

seriously. go find it. watch it. right now. get some popcorn. and a coke. or a tab. or if you had a long day, get a beer. but beer doesn't really go with popcorn. if you have a beer, you should have something else...maybe pretzels or peanuts.


aunt sara said...

On the contrary, liquor does in fact go with popcorn. Did you not see my post about Megan's nighttime snack of fruit, gatorade, wine and popcorn?

I'll have to watch for the guy in the striped shirt...I must have missed it!