Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy 7th Birthday Little Mother Hen!

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dear little mother hen,

i cannot believe that 7 years ago today we met you for the first time. we had been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for you. here is the story of your birth...

i was due June 30 (at least that is what the doctor told us) and as you know, your birthday is july 11...tells you what the doctors know. towards the end of my pregnancy with you, i started to really feel crowded...i was sure that you had no room left to grow. i told our doctor this several times, but each time she reassured me that you were fine and that i just wasn't used to having a baby inside my body and that there was plenty of room.

so, you were a week overdue and we were becoming anxious about your birth...wondering if you would ever come out or not...when one night i was laying in bed with your dad (who was sleeping) and the contractions started to come...they never really hurt, but they were consistently becoming more frequent...after almost 2 hours, i woke your dad up and we went outside to walk. he walked with me at first, but pooped out after a while and i continued alone...i just walked up and down our road...he stayed outside with me and we talked. the contractions eventually slowed down after a few more hours and were completely gone just after 3am. i had a doctor's appointment later that day...our doctor was gone (of course) and i had to see her partner. i was having contractions again by this point and he checked me only to find that i was no more dilated than when i last saw our regular doctor. (poop!) so, we went on with business as usual...i would follow up with our doctor a few days from then.

we called momo and poppy to tell them what was going on...they packed up and came down to lafayette to camp out until you were born. momo drug me outside every chance she had to walk. we walked. and we walked. and we walked. all the while, i kept having contractions...but nothing that ever hurt or strong enough to get labor really moving. momo and poppy stayed for a few days, but then went back home when we realized that you weren't going to come out of my tummy willingly.

when we saw our doctor the next monday, we talked to her at great length...she decided to induce labor two days from then...on wednesday july 11, 2001. cool! i was so excited that i wasn't even scared! we called everyone to let them know the plan and they all began making their plans to come for your birth.

on the morning of your birth, we woke up very early. we had to be to the hospital by 6:45 so they could check us in and we could be in the maternity ward by 7:00. the lady that checked us in was very nice...she asked us about you and ourselves...she could tell that we were excitedly nervous and took great care to help us feel comfortable. when we were done, someone came to escort us to the labor and delivery unit.

i was shown where to change and what to put on (a lovely hospital gown, of course). your dad bugged the nurse and went through every cupboard and drawer while the nurse did my admission assessment. (poor girl) she was such a good nurse...kind and thoughtful...she took very good care of us during her shift. we also had a student nurse with us that day...i was the only one in the entire unit who would agree to have a male student follow us through the labor and delivery process. (everybody needs to learn.)

our doctor came shortly after 7 and broke my water. there was a lot of water.

we hadn't been there very long when momo and poppy arrived. they were just as excited as we were. nobody could wait to meet you! of course, momo made me start walking again...we walked and walked and walked. i was back in bed taking a little rest when mamaw, papaw, aunt jenny, and dylan arrived. we visited for a few minutes and then momo and i got back to walking. the nurses teased us about how fast we walked. a little later, aunt sara and aunt megan arrived...followed by mike, josh & kristi, sam, tammy & the were very popular!

just after lunch, the nurse and our doctor checked me and found that i was dilated to 3 cm. (we had 7 more to go) we talked to our doctor and she decided to hang a medicine called pitocin to help move labor along a little more. pitocin makes your uterus contract strongly...after about 2 1/2 hours, i couldn't stand it anymore and asked for an epidural. the pain was getting to be too much and i wanted to be comfortable and enjoy the labor and your birth. after they put the epidural in, i was not allowed out of bed. (too bad for momo!)

the afternoon continued with me having contractions and the nurses turning my pitocin up as high as they could...still i was not progressing. we all continued to visit off and on as i rested.

around supper time, our doctor came in and checked me...still 3 cm...i had been stuck at 3 all day! we talked a while with her and she offered to let me labor through the night...or have a cesarean section. your dad and i talked and we decided on a c-section. we figured that if i was 11 days overdue, had been laboring all day, wasn't dilated past 3...then there must be a reason.

the anesthesiologist who would care for us was away from the hospital for a few hours...when he got back, we were wheeled to the OR to have you! your daddy video taped your birth...he stood and watched the entire surgery. i couldn't believe it! i couldn't feel pain...just my body being tugged and rolled around. after what seemed like forever, you were finally out...when i heard you cry for the first time, i cried. i still cry every time i watch the video and hear you cry. your daddy told me you were a girl. a girl. we had a little girl. unbelievable!

i waited to hear your weight...i heard our doctor say you were big when she pulled you out. and then there it was. "10 lbs 15 ounces" (i'm sorry, what?!) i laughed and told our doctor that she wasn't a very good guesser of weights (she thought you'd be in the high 8 pound range).

you were the biggest baby in the nursery...there were 34 other babies that day (shocking, i know) you also had the most hair. you looked like dick the bruiser laying next to the other babies. it was too cute.

our families stayed to watch you have your first bath then they went home. they had a long drive back and it was late.

after i got to our room, they brought you breastfed for the first were an expert right away. your daddy stayed with us for that first night. our little family was growing before our eyes.

i can't believe that seven years have gone by since that night. i can still remember your birth like it was yesterday. you are growing and changing every day. you are a kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, smart little girl. we are so blessed to have you.

happy birthday peanut.

i love you,



the author of my blog said...

Uhh...I see no mention of Gaga and I singing along to the Sound of Music soundtrack on the way down. That's one of the most important parts of the story! :)

the author of my blog said...

Also, I just noticed that age 2 is the spitting image of Samarino and age 5 is soooooooo Captain Adventure.