Saturday, July 26, 2008

a conversation with captain adventure

in order to preserve what is left of my sanity, we decided to enroll our two older children in several summer activities. they were both required to take swimming lessons (much to their shegrin..."but i don't want to take swimming lessons. i don't want to jump in the water. i don't want to get water in my face." ) then they were allowed to choose a few other activities to be involved in.

one of the things that captain adventure chose was going to the camps offered at his school. each week they have a different theme and have educational activities that revolve around that theme. this week is pirate week. CA loves pirates, so this was a particularly fun week for him.

when i picked him up today, he seemed upset. here is the conversation that followed...

me: hi pirate! how was camp today?

CA: good. i'm not feeling so good today mom.

me: did something happen? is there a problem?

CA: yeah, there is a problem. i have a problem mom...(silence)

me: what's the problem?

CA: (sigh) people.

me: (what?! what 4 year old boy talks like this?) (hardly able to keep a straight face) what people are the problem?

CA: well, mom, people at my school. tommy threw two bottles at me today. a red one and a blue one. THEN i fell on the playground at recess. (head in hand) yeah. i fell.

me: i'm sorry you're having a bad day. do you want to go home and swing?

CA: yeah, i think swinging will help me feel better. want to see my lucky knees?

me: you have lucky knees?

CA: yeah. i fell on them today. they're my lucky knees.

they're his lucky knees.


Debbie Yost said...

It always amazes me what little kids will say. Lucky knees! Too funny.