Thursday, May 22, 2008

my heart is heavy

i don't even know where to start...

everyday my husband gets up and goes to a job where he treated like an easily traded commodity. he takes a disgusting amount of use and abuse by his new boss. he puts up with unfounded accusations. he tolerates his integrity and loyalty being questioned. he does these things because he has a wife and three kids and he loves us. to him, it's just that simple.

when i think of the past 4+ years and all of the personal sacrifices he and our family have made for this job, i am sad...and angry...and disgusted. because for all of his loyalty, all of the hours he puts in (80+/week), and all of the time he has sacrificed away from his family, he is repaid with despicable treatment.

my husband is a man of integrity. he is honest and forthright. he is loyal to a fault. and get this...he actually treats people how he would want to be treated. he is kind. he is genuine. if there's something he wouldn't say to a person's face, then he won't say it at all.

his blood sweat and tears have gone into that place...a place that repays him with personal attacks and slanderous statements. my heart is broken knowing what he goes through every day...not knowing if he'll still have a job at the end of each day. and it's too bad that the customers they serve are oblivious to what is going on. i wish they knew. if only they knew just how they were being bamboozled by the higher-ups, they'd be shocked. i hope that it all comes out someday. i'm sure it will. it always does.


aunt sara said...
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aunt sara said...

After hearing the whole story this weekend, it sounds like PK is going to get what's coming to him...just like the villian does at the end of a Disney movie!