Friday, August 22, 2008

new adventures

i remember the first time i ever had a bedroom all to myself. i was about 8 years old. before i left for a trip to stay with cousins, my parents asked me if i could paint my room any color what would it be? i told them either purple or blue. when i arrived home from my trip, they had moved me into a room by myself. the walls were painted a lovely shade of blue. they had gotten me a new water bed too. i was in hog heaven!

well, little mother hen moved into her own room last week. we had been talking about it for months. she and captain adventure have been sharing a room off and on since he was a baby. but, she's seven now and started first grade last week and it is definitely time for her to have her own room. we moved sammysosa into the room with CA and LMH went to SS's room.

mr. hubby helped moving all of the big furniture and painting. we were able to do it in one day. she loves it! i'm really glad we decided to do make the move. we were really worried about how captain adventure would do with sammysosa. we thought of all of the naughty thing CA could do with SS in the room...climbing into the crib, trying to take SS out of the crib, throwing things into the crib, staying up until the middle of the get the point.

so far, our fears have been unfounded. captain adventure has done really well. it took a few nights to get used to each other, but they love to be together now. sammysosa wakes up earlier than CA and starts singing and talking quietly to himself...he eventually gets really loud and starts yelling at CA to wake up. it is pretty cute.

little mother hen is so thankful for her own room. she loves being by herself and her attitude is getting better. she has been spending hours and hours up there just puttering around...rearranging her drawers, drawing pictures, stickering things. it's too cute!

i am so glad we finally decided to make the move. we're such wienies sometimes.


Sara said...

I didn't know that about you getting your own room! I do remember rooming with Megan and your waterbed, though.

Debbie Yost said...

I was 19 and in college before I got my own room. We recently did a similar room switch and put Peanut and Diva together, giving MA Peanut's room. We had the same unfounded concerns with the younger two. They are doing great together. MA is 6 years older than Diva and in 7th grade this year so she really needed her own room! She is still dealing with the happy flower border, though. We'll get to that someday (I hope.)