Sunday, November 2, 2008

sunday confessional 11/2/08

*this has nothing to do with politics, so check your tude at the door. please.

confession: i am VERY bothered by people who say that sarah palin shouldn't be running for office because she is a mom and her kids need her.

shucks pa, i didn't know we were living in walnut grove. first of all, (and i think this is a pretty obvious question) but what role do you think her husband should have in raising THEIR children? obviously they've been making it work. and before you bring up their pregnant teen, are you telling me that moms who don't work outside the home don't have sexually active teens? because you're full of crap. or delusional. you pick.

and what about that precious baby? who's taking care of their special needs baby? give me a break. i know several parents of special needs children. they aren't any different from parents of typically developing children...they do what they have to do to take care of their children. (duh!) they survey the situation and make a judgment call about what they think is best for their family. (novel idea, huh?)

it is offensive to me that there are people who are trying to substitute THEIR judgment for that of the palins. only the palins can know what is best for their family. i'd be super pissed if you came to my house and tried to substitute your judgment for ours. i'd probably exclude you from our Christmas card list.

get off your high horse. instead of worrying about what the palins are doing and how they are doing it, focus your energy on your own family. you'd better go check on your kids before your teenager winds up a teen parent and everyone is looking at you and talking about how it's all your fault because you weren't "there" enough. go ahead. i'll wait.

hugs and kisses,


Debbie Yost said...

Whatever concerns I have with Palin, the fact that she is a mom, has a child with special needs or a pregnant daughter has NOTHING to do with if I think she can do the job. I agree with everything you have said. And, as a mom of a 3.5 year old with Down syndrome, I'm here to say not only have I recently gone back to work but I put my child in daycare **gasp!** She loves it. She is not suffering in the least and she gets great care there, at school and at home. I know lots of mom's that put their kids in daycare (some of them put their kids in MY daycare when I had it open.) Kids with Down syndrome and heart conditions that needed surgery. They were wonderful mothers and the fact that they worked had nothing to do with it.

Ok, soapbox is over. Sorry about that.