Thursday, November 20, 2008


our little family has begun a journey towards simplification . so the first step was admitting we have a problem ...of being over-scheduled, over-worked, over-indulged, and surrounded by too many things. the next step is action. we've been working on getting rid of the extra...the extra running around...the extra junk...the extra non-necessities in our lives.

so, we have spent the past few weekends purging...from our closets...from the basement...from all of the nooks and crannies where treasures go to hide. we have taken about 6 ginormous loads to various agencies where we live. there's still more to do, but that was a great start. and i feel good about it. we have started cleaning out what the past twenty years have brought in and other people will benefit from our purging. it's a win-win situation.


Debbie Yost said...

I need to do that! We have too much stuff and I'm afraid how much more stuff we'll get for Christmas!

Kasey Hunt said...

Good for you. Keep it simple is my motto. New to your blog by the way!! I like your background. Have a great Holiday.

Anonymous said...

And with all the money you save you can get Paul that PSP for Christmas! You are a genius!