Monday, September 22, 2008

dear hateful lady

at my cell phone company, (i don't want to name names here, but their initials are v.e.r.i.z.o.n.)

i understand what you're saying when you tell me that my account is password protected for my "safety". and that if i don't have my password, you cannot talk to me about my account for my "safety". however, do you understand what i am saying when i tell you that i don't know my password that you put on my account for my "safety"? or that my husband, the all powerful "account holder" doesn't know it either? if neither of us knows our account password that was put on our account for our "safety", and you won't talk to us about our account without our "safety" password, then i believe that we are at an impasse. i don't know how you expect us to pay our bill or discuss our account if we don't know that password (for our safety). if you have any suggestions, please comment through this blog. you'll have to know the password before i can talk to you about this topic though. it's for your safety.

your completely exhausted and disgusted customer,


Debbie Yost said...

Ahh cell phone companies. They really have you by the *** and don't care how they treat you. What are you going to do? Leave them? **evil laugh** You signed a 2 year contract! We own you! **more evil laugh**

I look forward to hearing the response!

Sara said...

What a bunch of ballyhoo. I've never had anyone at Verizon ask me for a password...that's kind of strange. Did you try the last 4 digits of P's SSN?