Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(almost) wordless wednesday

these pictures are from a few weeks ago. sammysosa is very into scavenging and digging and cupboards. he cracks me up.

we've (and when i say we i mean me) gotten into a very bad habit of letting him wander around during breakfast. (i'm tired of listening to him screech about sitting in his highchair. he likes to toddle around and play while he eats his breakfast. whatever.) anyway, he was carrying his yogurt around eating it without a spoon. as you can imagine, he was making a huge mess. i grabbed a spoon and helped him finish eating the yogurt. when he was done, he kept making the sign for more while saying it. i spent the next few minutes explaining and showing him that the container was empty. he gave me one of his looks, walked over to these cupboards, reached all the way to the back, pulled out a piece of toast and started eating it. i could almost hear him saying "naner naner naner". don't fret...the toast was from just before the hadn't been there for days or anything. although, captain adventure did bring me some toast a few afternoons ago, "mahm! here's sammysosa's toast. it was in little mother hen's shoe". so i guess we need to keep track of each morsel from now on. that or i could actually start putting him back in his highchair.


Debbie Yost said...

I know those eating battles. They can really wear you down. I love how he had a snack set away for when he needed it. Kids are so smart!