Friday, December 5, 2008


as i go through my life day to day, i have been mentally taking notes about how i want to i want to get back to what is really important in life. my friend debbie over at Three Weddings recently wrote a very interesting post that really hit home. she makes a good point about cell phone use in our lives today. i'd like to give you an opportunity to read it...maybe it will spark something in your mind that will put you on the path to simplification.

thanks deb! you're so smart.


Debbie Yost said...

Thanks again for the link! Now for that smart comment, could I get you to talk to my kids?

Carol said...

I have been trying to weed out some things at my house and make things more streamlined and easier. I have been fighting with my 15 year old about being on the cell phone all the time and about her tone of voice to others.....breathe in, breathe out. I sang this song in church this morning...."Breath of Heaven". CArol