Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the chair

this is mr. husband. he is "resting his eyes" in his new chair. a chair that we actually have no room for. i'm. not. kidding. if you look closely, you can see the arm of the sectional couch touching the back of the chair. his chair is pointing directly at the tv. (so he can be ready for the boston game tonight. ) anyway, to the right and back towards where i was standing to take the picture, there's another straight couch against a wall. followed by a chair and ottoman. it's like a hotel lobby. in. our. living. room.

so, back to the chair. ah, the chair. mr. husband has been longing for this chair. pining for this chair. for years. and the other day, the doorbell rang and there it was on the front porch...waiting to enter its new home. you see, mr. hubby is a people person...so much so that people (who were customers at his old job who are now customers at his new restaurant) buy him things...like leather recliner chairs that swivel. mr. hubby is amazing at what he does. it's a gift. if you don't believe me, come to the restaurant and see him in action. by the time you leave, you'll think he's pretty awesome too.

the chair was a token of thanks for the many things that mr husband has done for mr man and his family over the past several years. what a thoughtful gift. what a generous gift for my generous husband.



Anonymous said...

dear red rake...if "the chair" comes up missing you know where to find it.
i need a chair too.

Sara said...

Haha...that's amazing. I can't wait for Atticus "make it his."

Anonymous said...

Respect the Chair, Man...

Debbie Yost said...

Seriously? They just bought him a chair? I'm impressed! He looks quite comfy, too. I hope he didn't fall asleep before the game started.