Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rule #1

September 28, 2007

When you’re cooking cheese toasties and roasted red pepper & tomato soup for supper, make sure you know where the cordless phone is at all times. Whoops. Well, at least our dinner didn’t look like this phone. So, this event was a great segue into a discussion about stove safety with the kids. I told them that the stove was so hot that it melted the phone. I asked them to imagine if that was their hand or arm. We talked about why we don’t play around or with the stove. They sat open mouthed with their eyes wide open listening intently. (note to self: fire makes the kids sit quietly and listen to what I’m saying)

That being said, WHO DOES THIS?! I mean, what is my problem that I can’t see the phone melting into a pool of hot plastic?


aunt sara said...

This is a great lesson for the kids...almost as valuable as "if you get out of bed one more time, the tiger in your closet will get you" and "if you open the door for strangers, the monster on the front porch will eat your face."

I'm Not Your Mom said...

don't mention it. you can put this in your book of fun facts if you want. you forgot "if you keep making that face, your face will freeze", and "if you pick your nose your finger will get stuck".